EURIVERSITY – Partners met for the for the sixth time

The EURIVERSITY (European Action Against Discrimination Educational Inclusion from The Perspective of Equality and Emotional-Sexual Diversity) project has suffered a major setback due to the long period in which restrictions in place to limit the spread of Covid-19 have blocked international travel. The partners’ organizations have not had the opportunity to meet, if not online, but since September 2021 the project has resumed its course with the second transnational meeting held in Sweden.

After this first occasion since the beginning of the project, the partners met again in Greece in October. Since then, we met in person to begin again with the activities.

The sixth transnational meeting took place in Katerini, Greece, a beautiful location nearby the sea. It was a fully immersive two-days-and-a-half meeting, a moment devoted not only to go deep into the development and implementation of the project but also to know better each other and strengthen our bond.

During the sixth transnational meeting, the consortium carried out different activities: the presentation of living libraries – video-interviews of people interested and involved at different levels in the topic of the project – and didactic proposals on the basis of these libraries, an art workshop that helped all the partners involved to deepen their awareness about emotional-sexual diversity to be implemented also in schools and the sharing of different resources to widen the consortium knowledge in the field of gender equality and LGBTQIA+ community’s rights.

The last half-day of meeting was devoted to the review of project budget, review of project management, and dissemination activities.

It was a very productive and enjoyable three days of work, during which further short-term objectives were set, to be discussed at future meetings.

Moreover, we took half a day for ourselves, visiting amazing locations in Greece to get in touch with the most human part of each one of us.