After the last training held in Jaén the last January, the project Euriversity – European action against discrimination – continues its activities despite the impossibility for the partnership to meet face to face, as planned in the project timeline. The partnership held different online meetings to agree about the actions to carry on remotely.

The project involves 5 European countries: the coordinator is the Jaén Teacher’s Centre (Spain) and the partners are: Svartedalsgatan – Secondary education centre (Sweden); Platon Private School – an Education centre specialized in innovation (Greece); CEIPES (Italy) and ECOS- Cooperative for Education, Cooperation and Development (Portugal)

The main aim of the project is the Inclusion of primary and secondary students reducing the discrimination due to gender or affective orientation, raising the level of awareness about homophobia, bullying experienced at school by LGBT+ students, trying to low the level of sexism with the goal to establish a European Network of discrimination-free schools.

The project activities to be done by each partner country in this phase have been mainly four:

  • Presentation of a legislation review on LGBT+ rights
  • Presentation of good practices on LGBT+ community inclusion
  • Presentation of a multimedia state-of-art of LGBT+ rights in the last 50 years
  • An awareness-raising protocol about actions that can be useful to tackle the discrimination

Considering the first two activities as an exchange of good practices among the partners, the third one has been translated by CEIPES in an awareness-raising and informative video on LGBT+ rights in the 50 years in Italy, attached to this article.
Aware that behind each letter of this acronym there are a lot of struggles that many people have been carrying on for years, in this video we tried to tell the main steps of the acknowledgement of LGBT+ rights in Italy, the main conquests and what should be done to go towards a real accomplishment of the defense of LGBT+ community rights.

We strongly believe that actions of rising-awareness are strictly linked to social activism, as part of a network with other subjects following the same mission. In this direction CEIPES, on the 4th of July, took part to the Palermo Pride event orgnized by Arcigay coordination, during which different associations of the city demonstrated against discrimination and homophobia. CEIPES staff and volunteers of ANG Radio project decided to participate recording a Radio live program during which different representatives of the associations have been interviewed and talked about their activities and mission in defending human and civil rights.

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