EUPTRAIN – The project comes to a close with the final TPM and the publication of the Manual

The project EUpTrain: Transnational knowledge exchange between trainers of low-skilled adults in multiple European countries (project number: 2020-1-AT01-KA204-077961) has come to an end after 18 months of exchange of good practices. This took place between eight organisations from seven different European countries.

During the project, the partners shared best practices in the training of low-skilled adults. They met in person three times, in Budapest, in Lisbon for the project training activity, and finally in Athens for the final project meeting in March 2022.

The project was a great success, and in exchanging knowledges, skills, methods and exercises, the large consortium of partners was a significant advantage. This brought expertise from a wide range of countries and, indeed, different European regions, with the North, South, and East represented.

The partners worked towards the production of a Handbook for trainers of low skilled adults with methods and best practices for this work. It was recently published and can be found in 8 different languages, using the links below.

We look back fondly on the project, which brought together partners who had never worked with each other before, and built connections between them, which they will carry forward into future work.