The partners of Escape Racism project – Toolbox to promote inclusive communities – project number 2019-2-IT03-KA205-016906 – attended the second project meeting in an online environment on the 26th of January 2021. According to the project plans, this meeting should have been hosted by the english partner in the Disruptive Media Lab of Coventry University, in the same city, but the impossibility to travel due to Covid restrictions led the partners to meet on Teams Platform.

Escape racism is implemented by five different partners coming from four different countries, that are Italy, Uk, Spain and Hungary. The main project goal is to develop educational escape rooms to promote sensitive themes linked to human rights, fighting all forms of racism discrimination. The idea is to use playful tools to pursue educational purposes, involving more and more youngsters with different backgrounds and let them be more aware about the topics of the project.

During the meeting the five partners discussed different managerial aspects of the project. CEIPES as coordinator of the consortium presented the state of art of the project implementation, proposing the next steps to move forward, trying to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic. The impossibility to carry on the Learning Teaching and Training Activities in Turin, had slowed the project activities, but the consortium is ready to make up with the future activities for the imminent creation of different scenarios for the escape rooms.

The first project outcome is ready to be launched, that is the Theoretical part of the Handbook with the researches on racism and discrimination all over Europe.

Coventry University team also presented the work we will do for the Third Intellectual Output about the creation of online materials for the Open Educational Resources that is going to be created as part of the project website. This will allow the spreading of the knowledge developed during the project to a big quantity of educators and trainers.

What we can say is that Escape Racism is going to offer new educational methodologies for educators and trainers but also interesting new experiences for the youngsters. So stay tuned and follow the project progress to be involved in new exciting experiences!

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