A few days ago Tiziana and Chaïma’s adventure began as volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps, so we ask them what are their expectations on this path they have just started. Here’s what their response was:

My expectations about this ESC’s project are a lot. First, I would like to get more competences about project management but also I would like to learn more about “crisis management with the pandemic. This experience could be more interesting also to increase my knowledge and my skills and to develop my network. Finally, I hope that this experience could get me more experience in the working world especially in the international cooperation field.
My goals about this ESC’s project are simple. My first goal is obviously to improve my English and have confidence on it. This may allow me to share my ideas with the team. I would like to strengthen my ability to work in team. Then I think it could be also interesting to improve my digital competences with the smart working, because I am not so comfortable on the computer. Finally, I would like to fit in the work area but also at home with the other volunteers.
My first impressions are positives. I feel comfortable to speak with the girls. I found interesting our training but also so funny. It is already a good memory.

Tiziana Pinna


Before starting a new role, it can be hard to have an exact idea of what we would be doing. Therefore, before arriving in Palermo, I expected my stay there to adjust to CEIPES’s routine. Working during the office hours, doing a few more hours at home if needed, and then doing whatever I pleased in my spare time. Hence, from visiting the city, and, perhaps, other parts of this beautiful region, to identifying some favourite places and things to do, I really expect the next six months to be very enjoyable. Furthermore, about my role with CEIPES, although this is a volunteer role, I think I expect it to be like almost any other proper employee’s role.

I enjoyed the first days in Palermo, and the first week of training. The fact that the training didn’t last for the whole day everyday, allowed us to have much more time than expected to explore the city. Hence, I feel like I’m discovering a whole new way of working, the Mediterranean way, where the mental health, the peace of mind, and human relations are more important than numbers. Of course, the results of our work matters a lot, but the fact that we can also put a premium on our soft skills is something that I didn’t expect, and that I like a lot. Also, I feel that learning Italian might be more challenging than I thought before coming here. Perhaps because it’s the first week, and that in the first days everything seems very intimidating. That’s the reason why I really look forward to getting started with the Italian classes. 

Six months are, in my opinion, the right amount of time to make the most out of an experience abroad. It’s not too long, it’s not too short. Thus, it allows to set realistic goals. In my case, I’m hoping this volunteering will make me learn many new hard and soft skills, but also improve the ones I have. One of my main goals is also to make my own contributions to CEIPES’s work.
I hope this experience will help me apprehend the work market with more confidence, and more… well, more hope. Job hunting during a global crisis wasn’t something easy, and what I really like in this opportunity with CEIPES is that it will give me a break from it, and put me in a process where I’ll be constantly learning something new. I don’t want for this to suddenly vanish when the volunteering will end. What I’ll learn here, I want to keep it with me for life. And, of course, I want to improve my level in Italian. Even though my friends, my family, and my colleagues from CEIPES told me that I’ll be able to learn this beautiful language very quickly, I feel slightly nervous about it since I haven’t had to learn a language from scratch for ages. However, I must bear in mind that when we start something from zero, it can only improve.


And that’s all for the moment, CEIPES and all the staff wishes you luck for the start of this great adventure in our association!

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