We are all Erasmus to a certain extent!       

Do you know that the Erasmus program took its name from Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam?

He was a Dutch philosopher and Catholic theologian that travelled far and wide across Europe to recover the continent through a profound and courageous criticism of the Catholic Church.

The aim to travel to Europe to know its costumes and cultures, feeling even more deeply part of the heterogenous community of the Ancient Continent rests a common thread over the years in the Erasmus and Erasmus+ programme.

On the week when Erasmus days are celebrated around Europe, in Palermo CEIPES took part in this occasion through the Multiplier Event of the project QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. 

QUalitative Advanced Research ANd Training for Inclusion of Neets through Electronic tools project (2020-2-IT03-KA205-019431) is cofounded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme (KA2 Strategic partnerships for youth). This project embodies the values of the Erasmus program even when difficult situation and isolation occurs.

Ideated in the middle of the global storm of the Pandemic due to Covid-19 in 2020, QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. was written to support all those youngsters who suffer the consequence of isolation and social distance. Indeed, the main aim of the project is to engage and empower these European young people to become more active citizens through electronic tools.

One of the main tools used is a series of motivational videos available in five different languages that deal with six main topics: Coping with stress, self-awareness, problem-solving, citizenship, leadership, and youth empowerment. The videos want to inspire and empower isolated young people to be aware of their voices and be active and responsible citizens.

Furthermore, taking what good the pandemic gave us, it tries to connect European young people and youth workers even without traveling but rough the wider net of the web and online activities.

Let’s celebrate the #erasmusdays together and meet us today, 13th October, in Moltivolti, Via Giuseppe Mario Puglia, 21, at 15:00!