The “PAIS – Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the regular participation into grassroots sports” project comes to end on 30 September 2020. This interesting project, funded by the Erasmus+ Sport programme (Project Number: 603091-EPP-1-2018-1-MK-SPO-SSCP), which has seen the theme of social inclusion through sport.
The main aims of the project were:

– To improve the efficiency of the different stakeholders (state institutions, social services, NGOs, sports clubs and federations), especially those involved in grassroots sports through the exchange of experiences, good practices, methods and practice of activities as a means to promote the social inclusion of vulnerable people and disadvantaged groups.
– To empower vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and provide them with the necessary basic skills and experience to break down the barriers they encounter in simply participating in grassroots sports.
– Promote improvements in the inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, raise public awareness and develop effective partnerships between key stakeholders (state institutions, social services, sports clubs and federations, NGOs, social partners, education and training providers, families) to produce results on the ground.

We have pursued these goals thanks to the many events that have created different opportunities for dialogue and inclusion for disadvantaged groups.
Same thing, in the other countries of the consortium, the project partners have realized the same.

As evidence of the work done, you can find attached an e-brochure and a manual showing the implementation of these interesting good practices.