The consortium of the project’s partners is happy to announce that the IO4 of the project is ready and out!

ENTERPRISE project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, KA201 – Strategic Partnerships for school education and it involve 5 partners from different countries: Thora Storm videregående skole (Norway), CEIPES – Centro Internazionale per la promozione dell’educazione e lo sviluppo (Italy), Istituto Istruzione Superiore Statale Pio La Torre (Italy), AEVA – Escola Profissional de Aveiro (Portugal), BALGARSKA AGENTSIYA ZA RAZVITIE (Bulgaria).

ENTERPRISE aims at implementing collaboration among school staff (teachers, educators, project managers) and professionals in the field of sustainable work start-up at European level in promoting intensive dissemination of newly produced teaching strategies and innovative ideas in the field of entrepreneurial education and sustainability.

CEIPES is the leader of the IO4 – E-learning platform in the field of entrepreneurial education and sustainability – and its staff has been working hard towards the implementation and completion of this Output. The e-learning platform provides access to the main information of the ENTERPRISE website and the Entrepreneurial Education and Sustainability (EES) learning space where all necessary tools and modules for an EES-based multidisciplinary teaching in class instruction will be deployed.

The main objectives of the output are:

  • To provide learners and participants with open educational resources related to the main topic of the project;
  • To provide access to the main information and space where all the necessary tools and modules for use in class instruction will be deployed;
  • To boost capacities and competencies among adult education organizations and staff and target group;
  • To promote a peer-to-peer approach among participants and learners with and from other

European countries, thus strengthen their engagement in advocacy and education actions at their level of intervention (local/regional/national).

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