ELISA – The meeting to support entrepreneurship in the dual career

On 21st and 22nd of June, the Consortium of the project ELISA: “Entrepreneurial Learning in Sport to support Young Athletes employability development” (662904-EPP-1-2020-1-EL-SPO-SCP) met in Warsaw for the second time to discuss about its progress.

Financed by the Erasmus + Sport – Collaborative Partnerships programme, the project aims to create an innovative methodology to develop entrepreneurial skills and facilitate the dual career of young athletes and experts involved in the sport, such as coaches, sports associations and educators.

To reach this goal, it will be included an online Serious Play game, in order to encourage the target group to be business-minded and authors of their mental patterns connected. In fact, this method involves the use of bricks and other tools to empower transversal skills, such as the critical and innovative thinking ones.

The partners of the project, coming from Italy, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland and Netherlands, have a strong expertise in sport and empowerment of people. As first step, they carried out qualitative research on the current entrepreneurial skills of athletes and coach/sport specialists, as well as on their opinion on the way for a best implementation of entrepreneurship education.

Its report, produced by the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, has been discussed during the meeting in Warsaw. The data analysis will contribute to design the ELISA Sport Serious Play E-games and the Methodology Guide of Career Development. Regarding the latter, IRSiE presented its framework, comprehensive of career and psychometric testing tools.

The ELISA Consortium also started to speak about the capitalisation plan for which CEIPES is responsible, with the purpose to influence the target groups and ensure the sustainability of the project results.

Besides, the CEIPES participation has been accompanied by the exclusive one of exponents of Cremona Fencing Club, the president and head coach Pasquale Capuano with the instructor Filippo Federici. In the Club there’s not just a strong expertise, but also the vision to promote inclusion and equality through the sport, as they put in practice coaching disabled athletes. This is one more reason why their participation and opinion is very important for the methodology and the project, of which they can test the results.

As next steps, the Consortium will keep working on the Methodology Guide of Career Development, while the next Transnational Meeting will be held in Thessaloniki in February 2023!

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