The ERASMUS3D+: training material for developing 3D printers” project has been nominated by the European Commission as a GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE project!

Below the link of the Erasmus+ platform:

E3D+ (project number 2015-1-DE02-KA202-002496) has been funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnership for innovation and the Exchange of good practices).

The project has been focused on the creation of an international VET training program on 3D Printing. It consisted a flexible learning pathway in line with the learning and companies needs that are interested in the use of this new technology.

This project arises from a Strategic Partnership composed by VET providers (CEIPES), Higher education institutions (KIT – coordinator of the project) and business associations (CETEM, STP) that have actively cooperated among them and key stakeholders (enterprises, regional bodies and other VET institutions) for the development of an online training material on one of the transversal sectors with greater strength in recent times, 3D printing, which offer an adapted curriculum according to the qualification profile.

The partner organizations have created several outcomes to develop specific, basic and transversal competences and skills that are relevant for the 3D printing sector. This competences and skills are: management, entrepreneurship, leadership, digital skills and language competence in the field of education and training, through pedagogical approaches developed in the different intellectual outputs.

The 24-month project was operational from November 2015 till October 2017.

To have more information about E3D+ you can visit the official website:

Congrats to all people that took part in this project!!!

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