E-MENTORSHIP – The meeting in Adiyaman, Türkiye

The representatives of the consortium of E-Mentorship for (E)quality in Early Childhood Education [Project Number 2022-1-NO01-KA220-VET-000088213] convened in Adiyaman, Türkiye, on June 12-13, 2024. The event was conducted in a hybrid format, both online and in person, with CEIPES and other consortium partners participating online. 

This gathering provided an excellent opportunity to share recent project developments from Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland. Adiyaman University, the project coordinator, presented the e-learning modules that the consortium is developing, which will soon be available on an online platform. 

The e-learning platform has been designed for preschool teachers. Indeed, it will match each novice teacher enrolled with a mentor, an experienced teacher, to support him or her through the e-learning program. Thus, the e-learning platform aims to provide a structured learning pathway, enabling novice teachers to enhance their skills with the support of mentors. It will ensure a learning opportunity for novice teachers, it will enhance their competencies to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to teach inclusively, to deal with parents, and to hold activities in class and outdoors. 

Moreover, for more information to be updated on the upcoming results, and explore in-depth content on the mentoring topic, you can visit the project website and follow the Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn pages. 

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