For the first time in Palermo, the e. Do Roadshow by COMAU, the itinerant educational project for career guidance organized in collaboration with the Axis 4 and COMAU network of companies, to bring boys and girls closer to the world of robotics and industrial automation.

The tour e.Do Roadshow, which has several stages between the Italian regions, and was hosted in Palermo by CEIPES on Tuesday 20 September at the headquarters in Via Francesco Maria Alias 20.

The aim of the event was to promote, in partnership with schools, businesses and local stakeholders, the study of robotics and STEM, subjects considered fundamental to develop the skills of the new generations.

The Roadshow for the dissemination of robotics and industrial automation is an important opportunity for students of the territory who can approach the world of Industry 4.0 as well as that of technical and scientific professions but also for managers, teachers, foundations, associations and stakeholders who want to discuss the world of robotics and coding in educational systems.

The day was divided into two different parallel moments: one in which the students of the Liceo Linguistico Ninni Cassarà of Palermo compete in carrying out STEM exercises through the help of mechanical arms of the ASSE4 and COMAU companies.

The students were able to learn the basic principles of robotics and coding and then solve problems of mathematics, physics and geometry.

A second moment was dedicated to companies and associations in the sector to explore the e.Do world  and its potential.

Numerous results have been obtained, both in terms of brainstorming and interest in the technology used.

We are convinced that technological innovation can bring benefits to the Sicilian territory and CEIPES thanks to its many activities is committed to achieving this goal both by presenting best practices at European but also national level.

The companies involved have been COMAU dat 45 years of age a leader in the field of industrial automation worldwide. Combining innovative engineering solutions with enabling technologies and “open” and easy-to-use automation, COMAU helps companies to exploit the potential of Digital Manufacturing and Asse 4 – Network of Companies aims to promote and manage professional training that integrates school and employment activities, through courses, company internships, education and training services in Italy and abroad.

The event was open to all those who want to get closer to the new skills required by the technological revolution.

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