E-Craft – The 2nd TM in Valladolid. Let’s get it done!

On 9th and 10th of February, the E-Craft consortium met in Valladolid for the second transnational meeting.

The coordinator Rosto Solidario and the co-partners – CEIPES, ASPAYM – discussed about the state of art of the overall work, focusing on concluding the first intellectual output (IO1 – a manual with training guideline), starting the second intellectual output of the project (IO2 – a toolkit with educational video tutorials), and plan the third one (IO3 – sustainability plan). Moreover, the activities included a workshop on one of the upcycling techniques also that was untested during the previous artistic residence. 

Regarding the IO1, the team took the final decision on which techniques would be included during the testing phase, namely which one would be developed in the toolkit (IO2). On this matter, CEIPES oversees the second output; therefore, it was presented a structure proposal to develop the instructional toolkit, with multimedia content (educational videos) and downloadable content (e.g., technique sheet, workshop guidelines).

The last day was dedicated to IO3, specifically how the impact of the project and the outcomes could be sustained after the end of the project itself. For this very reason, the project team also brainstormed on what kind of methodologies could be used to retrieve quantitative and qualitative data from target feedback (users, trainers, and staff). 

A final update on the dissemination activities was presented by CEIPES to check the online status of the channels and give indications to the partners.

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