Finally, DISEMEX arrives in Palermo! The 7th and 8th of May, in the CEIPES headquarter took place the meeting that enabled to share with our partners some good practices of our region in the field of the inclusion of people with disability in the labor market.

We want to remember that the project, founded by the European Commission for the programme Erasmus+, has done so far 4 meetings in Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The knowledge of the good practices was characterized by 4 moments.

The first day, Marco Aiello, occupational psychologist and our volunteer, presented the research Disability Management & Organizational Cultures done by the Disability Management Group of Palermo, in which he showed the studies and the analysis in the field of Disability Management in Sicily.

Later, the cooperative “Equonomia”, that works in Palermo, told and showed us the good practice with a long story and experience, thanks to the stories of the employees, too. From so many years they work in this fairly traded cooperative.

The second day two different experiences were presented that work in Sicily.

Tommaso Marino, president of the cooperative “Il Girasole” of Castelbuono, told us how he made a big success his mission of inclusion of young people with disability in the labor market, with the innovative and ecofriendly method of the separate collection in the village with the donkeys.

Instead, Fabio Ruvolo and his colleagues presented their enterprise: the restaurant “Un Posto Tranquillo”, that works in Caltanissetta and San Cataldo (CL) from many years.

Some of the employees of this restaurant are people with different disabilities, that since so many years are a certainty not just for the activity but also for the community of this little village.

 The different experiences of good practices presented during the meeting permitted to the partners to understand the situation of this field in Palermo and surroundings.

In addition to the next meeting that will be in Glasgow in July, the next step of the project will see us protagonists of the collection of the practices that we think are the best in Palermo. These practices will feed into a document that will collect all the best practices of every country of the project.

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