New training for “Dimension 3 – Printed puzzles for new therapeutic Opportunities”


Starting on the 14th of November 2022 the consortium of the D3PO project (2021-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000035313), Erasmus+ KA202, met in Yecla, Spain for the Second Learning Training Teaching Activity with the main objective of better understand 3D modelling and to achieve the necessary skills of 3D printing. It will be very useful once all the consortium partners will need to print their own puzzles.

After the first appointment with consortium partners in Palermo, all the partners started to develop their own blueprints of the therapeutic puzzles.

Thank to this training, partners discovered new ways to obtain a 3D model and all the procedures to get a 3D printed puzzle. The main part of the training was on how to bring a 3D model into a slicing software, how to upload it to the CURA software and set all the essential options for the printing phase.

After that, thanks to the experienced partner CETEM, the participants had the opportunity to get started a 3D model in a different 3D printer, with different size a different setting.

All the partners have started to develop the therapeutical storytelling for each puzzle. The innovative part is the innovative part is that each 3D puzzle will have its own storytelling, but all can be adapted to different target group needs.

Finally, to give a complete training, the host partner organized a visit to the AMPY centre, Special Education Center. Next, the visit to the company SANCAL has given a clear vision of the use of the 3D printer can be also very useful in the furniture industry, giving excellent benefits from it.

The participants greeted themselves with the next appointment in Portugal, it will be the moment to start the testing phase. So, follow us to stay up to date on when puzzles will be available to download, assemble and start playing!

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