D.o.D. – Fighting fake news all at once!

In Palermo there is talk of fake news and disinformation: on 24th  February 2023, in fact, the second international event of the project D.o.D. – Democracy over Disinformation, funded by the CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values) of the European Union was held in the Sicilian capital. 

In the charming location of the former church of San Mattia ai Crociferi, located in the Kalsa district of the city, in the heart of the historic center, the conference saw the active presence of over 80 participants among students, teachers, journalists and ordinary citizens who discussed fake news and media misinformation together.  

The conference was attended by two expert journalists and a professor from the University of Palermo who illustrated, to citizens and international guests coming mainly from Lithuania and Germany, some important aspects related to the issue of fake news, a phenomenon now increasingly invasive and rampant. 

The project D.o.D. aims precisely at this: try to form the population of all age groups and without any kind of distinction on media misinformation and fake news stimulating democratic debate and some fundamental values such as collaboration and the civic sense of all. 

The debate has been particularly well heard by everyone and the conference has allowed many to clarify doubts about these highly sensitive issues today. 

In the afternoon, in the same beautiful location, was also held the second international meeting between the project partners, with representatives of Lithuanian, German and Italian organizations. CEIPES, as a partner of the project, had the honour and the burden of leading the meeting, during which the whole consortium discussed what has been achieved so far and what is still to be achieved in the following months. 

Surely, what will not be lacking, will be the will to collaborate in the spirit of international solidarity and cooperation. 

The partners will meet again in Berlin next June for the third international event. 

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