Partners are ready to announce that the work did during the last here is already out!

Thanks to the document published below, the research activity inherent the D4.T1 has been concluded. This phase involved the project partners, for more than a year, in the analysis of the National and Regional policies of different European countries, whose main objective was the Corporate Social responsibility, declined in its 3 fundamental pillars: sustainability, inclusiveness and accessibility.

This work has allowed the partners to have a complete mapping of what already exists, also giving inspiration on what can be improved or integrated.

The work has been concluded thanks to a third report which has as its main theme the inclusion of people with special needs and disabilities in work and in VET training. It aims to raise awareness about inclusion of people with special needs and disabilities in today’s society.

The document presented here is in the English versions. In German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Slovenian and Dutch languages will be available soon.

You can download the report via the following link:

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