A few days ago we asked our volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps: Jorge, Daniela, Carolina and Lucie, what are their expectations on this path they have just started. Here’s what their response was, thanks to this beautiful article:

Sweet expectations

This article is about the expectations of some volunteers that came to Palermo to participate in a volunteering program. We are volunteers in the age range of 18 to 22 years old and some of us decided to take a sabbatical year from studying. We wanted to participate in a European project and live abroad.
However, like many others, we were reluctant in leaving our families and loved ones behind for so long, afraid we would not adapt easily to our destination.

The location of this project was one of the many factors that attracted us to it “I do not know yet very well Palermo but I know I will be delighted to get lost in its old streets which I love”. Getting to know CEIPES helped a lot to build our expectations about this project.

We wanted to gain important experiences that would give us good memories, a good time and more to learn “my main goal is to help as much as I can and gain personal and professional development”. We choose this one for its very interesting activities.
Our expectations were learning about this region’s culture, people and language (we found Italian a very pretty language), and also, improve our personal and professional development “learn about its culture, people and language are the best advantages of this opportunity”, “really like the Italian language” and also have a big contribution for the organizational work that CEIPES does while learning a lot about project management.

We were very confident that this program would overcome the expectations that we had created “I think it will overcome the expectations I created so far”.

What else to add guys, CEIPES and all the staff wishes you luck for the start of this great adventure!

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