Creative Writing in León (Spain) with “The Power of the Words”

On May 7th participants from Italy, Romania, Cyprus, Latvia, Spain, Turkey, and Bulgaria met in Cubillos del Sil (Leòn, Spain) ready to enjoy the training course “The Power of the Words” (Erasmus+ Program – Ka1) and spend the following five days together in the peaceful and sunny location of El Bosque de Los Sueños (The Woods of Dreams).

The first activities consisted more of team building and getting to know each other, to later focus on the training’s topic: Creative Writing.

Participants took part in workshops and activities organized by the trainers such as brainstorming activities, individual and group writing, reading, public speech, sharing ideas, emotions, and impressions about the project, as well as team-building activities that allowed them to get to know each other better and bond in a short period.

They faced different creative processes, from the simplest to building an entire story written by all the participants, which was challenging. They also divided into groups and got to write and perform their own songs, which was one of the funniest activities.

To intersperse the activities there were moments of relaxation and pause, in which to discuss and exchange opinions, stroll, sunbathe on the lawn, discover the village or go to the nearby lake.

During the evening, participants exchanged customs and personal stories, and traditions from their respective countries, danced, and sang. A beautiful family atmosphere was created from understanding each other’s differences and sharing affection and a sense of community, as well as friendship.

On the last day, they went to visit the medieval citadel of Ponferrada, with its ancient alleys and templar castle, in front of which they had dinner.

The following morning they were already on their way back, a bit upset because of the separation but happy to have met and to have lived this new experience, ready to create a network of lasting international ties.

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