We welcome the Spanish volunteers, Elena and Marina, who arrived on March 15th thanks to our project C.R.E. Creativity, Resilience and Empowerment for Change, an international volunteer project funded by the European Solidarity Corps .

Let’s read the first impressions of this new adventure in Palermo!


The first time I read about this project on CEIPES the words “Creativity, Resilience and Empowerment” got my attention. I wanted to be part of this community and to learn as much as possible about it. 

During the first week in Palermo my expectations increased. I fell in love with Sicily very quickly. The city is incredibly beautiful, the citizens very kind and the food amazing. I am looking forward to visiting the whole island and discovering all their secrets.

In these days, the activities I did with CEIPES were very different and entertaining, they did their best explaining me the organization and my role. During these two months I would love to learn Italian and improve my English. I would like to know more about cooperation, human rights and non-formal education also. I want to participate in different activities and propose some projects too. In conclusion, I am looking forward to being part of this team and learning as much as possible.

As far as I am concerned, this experience is a turning point in my career. I am discovering a new culture, a new language and an original way to do a positive change into society. In this pandemic period it is not easy to choose a path, but I made up my mind and I came here. I will never regret it. 


I am going to spend six months in this beautiful city working as a volunteer in CEIPES and I think that is a good moment to stop a little bit and reflect about how was this first week here and what are my expectations for this European Solidarity Corps program.

I have a lot of expectations and goals for this volunteering experience. To name some of them, I am interested in learning about the work in a social organisation and getting more into the field of international cooperation. I would like to feel part of the organisation and do something good for others. I will work also for learning Italian and for improving my English and my French.

In a more personal aspect, I would love to make friends, create good relationships with other volunteers and workers of CEIPES and, of course, with my flatmates, living in harmony.

Furthermore, I would work in gaining more self-confidence, perform my own projects and develop my skills in social work, art and project creation.

I want to learn about Sicilian culture, discover art expressions and social movements in Palermo and find people with similar interests than me.

Finally, I have the idea of creating new laboral opportunities for the future as a result of this experience.

The start of this adventure has brought with it a flood of very diverse emotions. A lot of times I felt nostalgia because I miss my family. But I also felt very supported by my colleagues. I am really grateful for living this experience with them because, even if we met one week ago, I know that they are good girls, with a lot of talent and I will learn a lot of them.

As well, I felt welcomed in CEIPES and in the city. I knew that Palermo is a very beautiful city but I am surprised by the life that the city has, even in orange alert I have been able to feel the welcome of the place.

To summarize, I feel ready for this new challenge in my life. I have the energy and the motivation to achieve my goals and living this experience will change my life.

Good luck from all of CEIPES for this great experience, you can also read here the expectation of Tiziana and Chaima.