CITIES WITH STORIES – Through the eyes of children: the storytelling that connects cultures

It’s done, they landed online! Young students from Palermo (Italy) and Istanbul (Turkey) have been trained for months in creative storytelling for historical cultural heritage as part of the Cities With Stories project (TR2016/DG/03/A2-03). With the purpose of connecting two different cultures through the eyes of children, schools from Palermo (Italy) and Istanbul (Turkey) have been involved on the creation of stories reshaping history, folklore, legends, myths, and contemporary heroes. To show each other that differences are links not walls, each story brightens of their curious spirits, the willingness of reaching someone far away yet so close.

With immense proud, we announce that the website platform is online.

Thanks to the cooperation of CEIPES and the Eyüp Sultan Culture Arts Sports Education and Solidarity Association, these young students had the opportunity to embark on a path of discovery that resulted in more than 100 stories.

Follow the project on the Facebook page and enjoy the stories on the website. Until the next story!


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