The Multiplier Event to promote the chess platform for deaf people


On 25th November, the CHED project has been presented to promote its results and the platform created for deaf people.

In fact, CHED – “Chess platform for deaf people” is a KA2 Erasmus+ project (project number: 613577-EPP-1-2019-1-RO-SPO-SCP) which is born with the purpose to go beyond the disability in sport in general and, specifically, in chess. The main goal is to reach this objective through the creation of an online chess platform in video sign languages of each country of the Consortium, composed of Italy, Greece, Armenia, Romania, Poland, Ireland and Turkey. The partnership has a strong expertise at professional and personal levels, in fact among them there are deaf and hearing-impaired people.

Chess is considered the “silent sport”, metaphorically appropriate to deafness, but the lack of inclusion for disability is also strong here. That’s why the Consortium of the project worked hard to promote the involvement of deaf people in the field. This existence of barriers has also been confirmed by the results of a need analysis, conducted in the 7 countries of the project organizations. The purpose was to investigate the issues met from deaf people, sport and chess associations, in fact they have been the addressed target of surveys and interviews, such as the one of the multiplier event.

The results are analyzed in the CHED report, which has been very important for the development of curriculum and the lists of skills, to develop through the lessons of the online platform. These modules are based on scenarios, in turn realized according to the report, curriculum and list of skills. All this material has been realized under the supervision of chess trainers and it’s divided in initiation, basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

The event of 25th November gave to CEIPES the chance to share the project results, the platform, the modules and to raise awareness about the inclusion of deaf people (and with disabilities in general) in the mass sport.

The participants showed interest especially in the lessons presented, such as the ones of the basic level. They also had the opportunity to evaluate the platform and gave feedback on the structure and on the contents.

If you want to look and test the platform too, just click here!

On 9th December, there will be an international network event, in which the Consortium will talk about the project and share their expertise. If you want to participate, or just stay tuned, follow the project Facebook and Youtube social media!