From 11th to 13th December 2018 CEIPES has hosting the Governorate of Manisa (Turkey), for the final event of the project “Change Yourself, not Climate!”

A lot of activities have been carried out related to environmental awareness.

The central event of the meeting took place in Altavilla Milicia, where CEIPES had previously developed a cycle of workshops with 25 students of the middle high school “Monsignor Gagliano” on environmental sustainability, starting new practices, learning how to reduce our consumption and raising awareness on our global impact with the new generations and their families.

On the 11th of December,  we  gathered at a round table together with the representatives of the Governorate of Manisa, the Municipality of Altavilla Milicia, the University of Palermo and the Monsignor Gagliano school, for a dialogue on the practices and policies about the environmental sustainability between Italy and Turkey, accompanied by the live music of the awarded School Orchestra of Students.

During the day two other activities were realized, that will leave their great impact on the future on the community. In the morning we visited and contributed to the growth of the “Environmental Educational Reserve “Sebastiano Gullotta”, which is co-managed by the school, planting oak trees.

In the afternoon, moreover, one new green area was entrusted to the management of the Scout Club of Altavilla Milicia by the Municipality, and the open ceremony that day gave the starting point to the an important area at the disposal of the citizenship.

In the remaining meeting days the Governorate visited CEIPES offices and had an overview of the different entities that work on the topic in the city of Palermo, visiting some local associations, like the Urban Park Fondo Badia, the association “U curtigghiu” in Monreale, and OWAC, an  Engineering company that works on the development of energy from waste.

After this intense cooperation, we can affirm that the project is still not over, since in March the participants to the workshops will plant their own trees in the Natural Reserve of Cane Peak, so that the wood will belong to more citizens who will take care of it!

For more information on the project: Change yourself, not climate!