CEIPES hosts the Training Course “Lifelong Learning in ICT and Intercultural competences”

CEIPES ETS organized and hosted at its facilities the training course “Lifelong learning in ICT and Intercultural competences” from June 24th to 28th, as part of the training activities for adult learners that the organization provides for students from all over Europe.

The training course was attended by a group of learners coming from the Adult Education Institution “Dante”, located in Rijeka, in Croatia.

The goal of the course was to enhance the motivation of learners in lifelong learning, to acquire ICT competencies useful for their personal and professional life and to foster intercultural learning, exploring a new culture and a different language in an unknown country. In order to achieve that, different sessions were developed, where the attendenciees had the chance to learn about how to obtain a 3D prototype using additive manufacturing and were introduced to some basic of a 3D printer; how to use augmented reality for educational purposes and video techniques for social objectives. They also explored intercultural learning through creative poetry, dance and an historical monuments treasure hunt, deeping the knowledge of Italian and Sicilian culture.

Participants throughout the course were very active and motivated to learn about all the proposed topics and they particularly appreciated the proposed activities giving positive feedback at the evaluation stage.

The training course is part of the exchange of methodologies and innovative learning strategies CEIPES is carrying on together with Dante Institution, which is bringing new inspiration and growth for both organizations, enhancing the fruitful cooperation between the two entities.

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