CCJ4C – Partners met for the 5th time in Lisbon

The 5th Transnational Meeting of the CCJ4C project – European Career Counselling Guidelines for Staff Working in Criminal Correctional Justice System – took place on the 7th and 8th July 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by the partner of IPS.

The meeting was an important moment of sharing and discussion among partners on the main aspects of the project.

Initially, on the first day all partners had the opportunity to discuss how the project was implemented so far, an open and fruitful talk. After, was done an overview of the activities carried out about the Policy Context (WP2) and the Stakeholders Analysis (WP3) in CCJ Careers.

Subsequently, the partners agreed on the way of implementation of the WP5 related to the Policy Action Recommendations.

Finally, it was discussed the aspect of the dissemination and exploitation together with the presentation of the existing results.

The second day started with a refresh of the first day, followed by a comprehensive discussion on the status of the WP4 as: the structure of the modules, the presentation of the platform and the future deadlines.

At the end, after a discussion on the financial aspect of the project, the coordinator and the partners agreed on the next deadlines and the activities to be undertaken.

It was a very important moment of sharing that once again strengthened the already solid cooperation between the partners.

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