Brave New Words: innovative educational tools for training and teaching people with Special Learning Disorders- Project number: (2019-1-PL01-KA204-064981) is a project aimed to create innovative learning pathway that increase the quality of the work of educators and staff members dealing with students with Special Learning Disorders (SpLD), using 3D Printing and Augmented Reality (AR).

Projects team is composed by 4 partners – organization with different profiles from 4 different European countries: Italy, Spain, Poland and Bulgaria. Partners involved into the project have a background both in the technological and SpLD fields.

The specific aims of the Brave New Word project are to create innovation learning pathways in order to:

  • Increase the quality of the educational and care giving process of staff working with people with SpLD trough provide proper tools to teachers, trainers and other staff
  • Increase the quality of the learning process to people with SpLD.
  • Increase the quality of the adult inclusive education in the countries involved.
  • Increase the cooperation among European different entities working in field of inclusive
    education, and technology development.

To achieve these goals, the consortium has defined several activities and results where is included “Identification of 3D printing most suitable technologies for special education” document.

The aim of this document is to select the most suitable 3D technology for teaching exercises for students with SpLD, which were selected by the BNW project partners. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to present and characterize the main 3D technologies available on the market, taking into account, above all, the physical capabilities in terms of process, complexity, accuracy, but also price and, more importantly, speed.

An overview of the available 3D technology solutions based on specific criteria in combination with selected didactic exercises will allow to choose the most suitable technology. This will enable the project partners to develop a methodology for creating didactic exercises for students with SpLD using a 3D printer with a specific technology in educational practice.

In order to encourage teachers to use technologies such as 3D printing or AR, it is very important to create and disseminate good practices in their implementation, so that they know and are able to use the educational potential that lies in this technology primarily for the benefit of students.

A 3D printer in the educational sector has practically unlimited use in education. The main barrier is the lack of appropriate knowledge and skills in this area, thus limiting the creativity of teachers and students.

That is why the Brave New Words project, together with experts, selected the most suitable didactic exercises using 3D technology based on a multisensory strategy, thanks to which they meet the expectations of students with special learning needs and enable students to use their strengths to facilitate learning.







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