The Workshop dedicated to human rights has just come to an end thanks to the “Art of our Rights” project funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe which saw the creation of a mural inspired by the reception and promotion of human rights, in via Mammana n ° 90, near our office, in via Alias ​​n.20, in the Uditore district.

The work, carried out by young people of different cultural backgrounds with the support of the cultural association Azzizzart, was a great success, thanks also to the collaboration of the Community for the Elderly “Gli Oleandri” which generously provided the wall and helped volunteers in the creation of the murals

The strong sense of initiative has inspired the curiosity of passers-by, who, denying any prejudice, declared to be happy with this gesture because it is the material representation of the message that the Auditor community wants to give to all citizens. “Like Palermo we feel obliged to pass on these values ​​to our children and young people” – commented one passerby, congratulating the volunteers. The artwork was well received by the community, which particularly appreciated the new glimpse of color in the neighborhood, given the absence of other murals in the area.

The “Art of our Rights” project (project number: 5014.WP.2019), funded by the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of the Council of Europe (COE), through the Call of the annual Work Plan for 2019, poses as main objective the promotion and use of art in the field of youth work, applying education to human rights and sharing different methodologies and approaches among the participants involved.


Main objectives of the project:

Develop the skills of young artists in human rights education (HRE)
Increase the number of young people involved in Human Rights Education (HRE) at the local level
Improve the quality of youth work through greater cooperation with the creative and cultural sector
Promote the sharing of good practices among reference actors on the use of art as an HRE tool in youth work.