All Welcome, Acting Welcome: Vulnerabilities, Resources and Perspectives

CEIPES ETS participated online in the event “All Welcome, Acting Welcome: Vulnerabilities, Resources and Perspectives”, organized by the Alwahih welcome center for migrants in Morcone, with two Sai projects, from Morcone and Santa Croce, in the province of Benevento, a small town in the South of Italy. The event was held on 29 June on World Refugee Day. It was a moment of confrontation and discussion on the migration phenomenon, the vulnerabilities of migrants, and the necessary resources to be activated.  

CEIPES participated by presenting its contribution to the inclusion of refugees and migrants in general, through two examples of international projects, which in different ways have contributed to social inclusion. The CAMPLUS project Empowerment for migrants – from camps to integration. The ongoing project contributed to the social inclusion of refugees in Volos, Greece, and Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, through training programs for trainers and refugees. In addition, the project promoted and facilitated the entrepreneurship of refugees who want to start businesses, in different fields, from photography to catering, shopping, and more. 

The second project presented was an AMIF, named ENFEM – Female TCNs Integration in Local Communities through Employability and Entrepreneurship Local Oriented Strategies, which focused on the inclusion of women with third-country nationality through employability and entrepreneurship. The action included training and work orientation activities, with individual pathways and drafting of curricula. In this way, the project in the 10 partner countries contributed to the creation of a network of local services to support inclusion, working not only with women with third-country nationality but also with local actors to promote cultural change and a better response to people’s needs. 

This event presented an opportunity to share the activities that CEIPES carries out to achieve social inclusion and safeguard human rights. It also reported on the context of Palermo, a multicultural city, where together with other organizations and cooperatives we operate in a large network of solidarity. 

The conference included speeches by experts who tackled the topic of migrants’ inclusion in the local territory, within the province of Benevento, from different points of view: legal, ethnic-psychological, and journalistic. An important exchange opportunity to reflect on the present and create networks for the future. 

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