ALL HANDS ON DECK – The consortium is setting up the new results!

The consortium of ALL HAND ON DECK project partners met for the 4th transnational meeting of the project, due the covid restriction they met in online way. This time, WULS partner have organized the meeting days 15th and 16th of February 2022 in a very excellent way.

“ALL HANDS ON DECK” is a signal used on board ship, and it means that everyone is needed in a particular situation; but the crisis of the last years has two important labour victims who have suffered the worst of the crisis: younger ones (because they are not receiving their first opportunity) and professionals beyond 45 years old. Current work panorama at European Union is quite different from a decade abroad.

This project has the objective of recovering the shipwright job profession around Europe.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation of the partnership composed of different expertise, it was possible to take stock of the already developed materials and the results obtained in the first two years of project implementation.

In the 4th Transnational Project Meeting, the first day of the meeting focused on reviewing the results of the IO1 – Digital repository of traditional shipwright knowledge and techniques, already available on the project website. It contains more than 200 manuals that can be drawn on in the various languages of the consortium, English, Spanish, Greek and so on. The e-learning course foreseen in the IO2, all 15 modules were presented by the partners who were working on developing the contents material. So now, it’s already possible to register into the AHOD e-learning platform to access to the 15 modules. For each module there will be a short video to present the contents of the shipwright course. Furthermore, to make learning even easier and faster, the partners thought about creating infographics as a summary of the most important data.

In the second day of the meeting the partners discussed the development of the mentor videos which will be crucial during the pilot phase of IO3. In the following months the various partners will be involved in the completion of the Training course for shipwright in every maritime area and in the development of videos to improve the soft skills of current shipwrights who will have to pass on their knowledge to young students. This will happen through 8 modules with different soft skills: Importance of heritage and preserve it, Motivation, Active listening and so on. It’ll be also available as mentoring course in to AHOD e-learning platform. The second part of the meeting was focused on the financial and managerial part of the project.

The partners will meet again in Belgium for the final transnational meeting of the project.

 For more information, please visit the website and the Facebook page of the project.