ALERRT – The training experience in Palermo!

The first Learning Training Teaching Activity of the ALERRT project (2020-1-ES01-KA202-082056) took place from 23rd to 27th May in Palermo, Italy. 

The training involved partners from five countries: Spain, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Belgium and Cyprus, and was hosted by CEIPES in Palermo

The project aims to train first responders (policeman, firefighter and medical officers) in a set of skill that make possible for them to understand how to recognise, interact and treat appropriately autistic people in cases of emergency.

The activities took place over a week, during which the participants had the opportunity to test the materials created during the project:

  • A theoretical curriculum about autism
  • A manual with non-formal learning exercise to train first responder
  • The interactive E-Learning platform
  • VR scenarios for first responder
  • Toolkit for people with autism

The participants had the possibility to discuss about weakness and strengths of the tools, to work together and to learn something from each other.

The cooperation of all the partner has been essential to organize a meaningful experience. Every partner presented the product that have developed during the project and give their contribution with useful workshop that made possible to improve all the tools created.

During the activity, they had the possibilities to discuss our knowledges about autism, and thanks to the expertise of Autisme Europe we had some insight on useful practices when dealing with autistic people: asking permission, paying attention to others, trying to avoid too loud noises are only a little part of thoughts emerged. 

It was a intense, educational and very fun experience.

The partners were all enthusiast about the activities and the relationships established between participants.

This training is a good starting point for the next training activity that will be hosted in Cyprus by Stando.

For further information about the project and the next events, you can follow the project Facebook page or the project website.