Ending of the project and final event


Alerrt is a project involving six partner from different European countries: CEIPES (Italy), GESEME (Spain), Autisme-Europe (Belgium), COFAC (Portugal), STANDO (Cyprus), Evropska Rozvoja agentura (Czech Republic)

Born from the knowledge that is seven time more probable for a first responder (Firefighters, Police officers, paramedical etc…) to encounter and have to interact with an individual with autism, ALERRT aims to train first responders in a set of skill that make possible for them to understand how to recognise, interact and treat appropriately individuals with ASD in cases of emergency.

During the course of the project partners produced different output, useful for the training of first responder but also to give instrument to improve the communication between families of people with autism.

During the course of the project consortium produced:

  • A theoretical curriculum about autism
  • A manual with non-formal learning exercise to train first responder
  • The interactive E-Learning platform
  • VR scenarios for first responder
  • Toolkit for people with autism

All the materials are available trough free login available here.

To present the results of the project we organized a multiplier Event that took place on 27 September 2022 and was hosted by Si.Da, a medical center in Palermo where their trainer and participant from other organization had the possibility to know the project and his output, ask question on how to use them and give their feedback for future project and collaborations.

It was a successful event with a lot of active participation, The attendees were thrilled with the project, and project partners had a very good response from them.

For more information about the project, please visit our social pages and the website.