The ACPD – Access to Carataking Professions for Deaf project continues to get informations and good practices to accessibility for Deaf in the world of nursing professions.

In Thursday 4th March 2021 there was the turn of CEIPES – Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e lo Sviluppo, to present and to get known to all partners the Italian situation and the good practices which are available on Sicilian territory. The 3^ Transnational Meeting of ACPD, took place on Zoom, has seen the fundamental contribute of dott.ssa Marzia Musso, Councillor of Ente Nazionale Sordi (ENS) of Palermo.

Marzia Musso, supported by the excellent sign language interpretation service provided by Dr. Tiziana Di Vincenzo, presented the partnership with a clear view of the current precarious situation in which deaf people are living in Italy.

Starting from the legislative aspect, so from italian laws 68/69 e 104/98, that regulated respectively the job placement of persons with disabilities and their salary, Marzia has shown the various difficulties which the Deaf persons face, especially in Sicily. Although Deaf people takes part of protect categories, the communicative walls which found in several aspects of community are numerous.

This has an impact in healthcare professions, where the percentage of Deaf people trained and workers in this framework is minimal.

Ente Nazionale Sordi is the main promoter of the rights of deaf people with several initiatives for years. In the context of healthcare professions, for example, during the past has promoted and supported some training courses for the OSS’ professions.

The walls to break down, still now, are numerous, but we wish that by raising awareness this topic, it would be possible to awaken the public conscience, for a better future and accessible for everyone.

During the meeting, the partnership has decided how to approach the lasts months of the project, which it will conclude on April 2021.

To other informations, you can visit the Website and the Facebook Page of the project.