The consortium of partners of ALLVIEW project is happy to announce another result achieved thanks to the cooperation of all project partners.

The document is a report being part of the WP4. T1 – Identification of Regional/National policies about CSR.

The report is a second part of a series of documents that have been structured according to a very specific organization.

The first report, published previously, analyzed the national and regional policies of various European countries on the theme of the circular economy, this instead has as its main theme the inclusion of migrants and refugees in CSR for the Wood and Furniture sector.

This document arises from the need to raise awareness on the issue of the inclusion of migrants and refugees in today’s society. It reports a series of policies that best describe the European situation in the different countries and how good practices can be shared to achieve a unique social well-being.

The document here presented is in an English version. The translated versions German, Italian, Spanish, Poland, Slovenian and Dutch will be available soon.

You can download the report here:

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