The 7th of June 2019, CEIPES staff attended the second transnational meeting of the “Lay Teachers” project that took place in Timisoara (Romania).

The meeting was the opportunity for the consortium to update on the state of work and further tasks. The day was articulated according to a clear agenda that was respected in every part.

Each partner presented the outline of the assigned learning unit which will create the theoretical and pedagogical database of the project. In particular, CEIPES presented the contents of the learning unit 5 concerning the non-formal methods for introducing migrants to culture and language.

The unit will explain the iceberg model of culture, the behavior components of culture, stereotypes, and the cultural adjustment. The Unit will also define intercultural competences, understanding of the context, engagement with different cultures, communication in intercultural situations and cooperative action.

Afterwards the coordinator of the project, INFODEF, presented the organization of the working plan, activities, results and time plan of the digital database: an exhaustive compilation of cutting-edge methodologies and approaches in innovative non-conventional teaching learning methods and tailor-made resources to introduce migrants and refugees to culture and national languages.

Finally the partners discussed the other aspects of the project such as dissemination and evaluation activities, together with the outline of the blended learning course which will provide “lay teachers” (not trained language teachers) of adult education with the necessary skills of cooperative learning and contextual meaning-based learning.

The Consortium agreed that the next partners’ meeting will take place in Athens (Grece) on the 14 -15 of November 2019.

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