Are you a woman in her ages between 20-45 who has left education without basic qualifications and skills what is necessary for confidence and competitiveness in the labour market and/or with an interest to be more informed and educated in women issues and in the meantime to improve your skills and knowledge in different significant areas related to the possibility to reach more successful involvement in the labour market? If so, would you like to participate in our Grundtvig Workshop: Women and Work?

It will be held in Odemis, Turkey between 14th-21st of April. The topics of the workshop are: Gender issues and equal opportunities, social integration/exclusion, sctive citizenship, democracy and human rights. And the main activities will be related with:

  • understanding women’s issues through a human rights perspective;
  • raising awareness and reflecting on different stereotypes about the women in society;
  • insight about women activism in history in order to compare women’s involvement in the society now and in the past;
  • sharing European countries cultures through women’s professional experience;
  • giving knowledge and skills in the tools of the time management, conflict management, work organization, job interviews, Europass Curriculum Vitae preparation and leadership;
  • meeting with successful women in professional life from local area.

All expenses related to accommodation, travel and visa will be covered from programme.

Please contact us on if you are interested in being a part of this workshop! The deadline for sending the Learner Application Form is the 25th of February!