On October 12th & 13th, CEIPES has been to Vilnius, Lithuania, for the continuation of ACCESS project on the development of a training manual on social integration of refugees and unaccompanied children for developing social workers’ competences. A European supported project through Lifelong Learning programme and Grundvig partnership.


This third meeting – after Palermo in November 2011 and Ankara in May 2012 – had gathered over 40 persons from the 9 countries-partners : Denmark, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Sweden and Germany. 

Each meeting is a chance for each partner to expressed his work done and on the way, specify general contents but also doubts or reminding deadlines. A physical meeting is also an important social moment when each member can meet – for the first time or once more with colleagues – they are thus able to confront in a formal way or informal way their work’s results and point of view.

Through small workshops each partner has been able to present a refugee case of his country and debate on it. From such debate, it came out relevant information about social workers’ needs and so a concrete guideline for ACCESS workers.

Our Lithuanian hosts did organise a visit to one of the refugee reception centre located outside of Vilnius in a place called Rukla. For each partner it has been a great opportunity to see and learn about Lithuanians’ social workers means and way of working.

Finally, this 3rd meeting has been a step forward for the project ending in July 2013 to set deadlines, dates of the two next meetings and finalising the decisions about the manual content for finally splitting the work.