Il CEIPES cerca due partecipanti ( un ragazzo e una ragazza ) che abbiano dai 18 ai 30 anni per un Training course sulla promozione della pace attraverso i partenariati ed i progetti europei. Il corso avrà luogo a Schoorl ( Olanda ) dal 2 all’ 8 Settembre. Più informazioni qui di seguito (in inglese).


The aim of the training course on Projects and Partnerships is for youth to discover how to implement their own non-formal project related to peace and human rights education and to get support in realising it.
To discuss possibilities for peace projects in local and regional contexts and how to realise them
To get familiar with concepts and tools for peace, conflict, and peace and human rights education
To introduce participants to methods and tools for project management
To get acquainted with how to write a successful fundraising proposal and bringing it into practice
To define non-formal education and get familiar with its methods
To broaden the participants’ horizon and engage in intercultural exchange by bringing interested youth from Europe all together
To create a platform in which participants can network and share knowledge, ideas and concepts on best practices of youth initiatives in peacebuilding.
The 5-day long training will be based on non-formal education which means that interactive games and
experiential learning are a great part of the sessions. It combines non-formal learning methods, such as group discussions and reflection, role-play and simulation, games and creative forms of expression. Moreover, team building and inter-cultural exchange are composing an important part of the course. Participants will be introduced to theoretical concepts through presentations, group exercises and workshops. Participants will be equipped with new skills and knowledge through the concept of peer-to-peer learning and learning by doing.
The participation fee for the training course will be 50 Euros per person.
The participants are responsible for paying 30% of the travel expenses themselves. In addition, the other 70% will be reimbursed by UNOY Peacebuilders.
Accommodation and meals are provided by UNOY Peacebuilders, based on 3-person rooms.
Where: Schoorl, the Netherlands (closest airport is Amsterdam Schiphol)
When: 02 – 08 September 2012 (Arrival on September 2nd 2012 midday and departure on September 8th 2012)
Language: The working language will be English.

Per maggiori dettagli e inscrizione, scrivere a . Se volete contattateci direttamente allo 091/7848236 oppure veniteci a trovare in sede : Via G. La Farina 21 – Palermo !