The project Holistic approach: learning to fight against GBD with our bodies, minds and souls gathered youth workers and trainers from different countries for a training course on the themes of holistic learning, theatre of the oppressed and fight against gender based discrimination (GBD) with young people.

The 6-day training aimed to foster the capacity building of trainers and youth workers working in non-formal education contexts and with young people victim of GBD, by providing them with the opportunity to learn about new methods and approaches, namely holistic learning and theatre of the oppressed.

Participants acquired concrete competences on gender based discrimination (what it is, how does it affects young people, what is the situation in partner countries and in Europe), how to address GBD from a holistic learning perspective (what is holistic learning, how it can be useful in the context of GBD, what are the main methods and approaches) and by using the theatre of the oppressed (mainly forum and legislative theatre).

Another objective of the training is to develop follow-up projects with a multiplying effect on young people.

For further information and download the educational resource pack please click here:cd_holisticapproach2