We are five young students from town of Aveiro, Northern Portugal, who doing our Erasmus+ project the capital of Italian island of Sicily – Palermo. The main theme of our project in the field of psychosocial support. We can doing a lot of things in this project here in Palermo – working with children, with old persons and helps people with social problems. We are now working in Parrocchia Sant’ Agnese with children.

Our opinion about Palermo it is that this city is beautiful, with very nice streets and beautiful beaches. The persons are very cozy and they are always ready to help us in a lot of things like shopping, exploring etc.

In beginning we think that the city would be cold and it would be very difficult in the language to communicate to the locals, but it’s not true, because the people try to understand us when we are speaking calm.

Not only the Palermo’s people are nice, but also the local Italian food like ice cream and Sicilian kinds of pasta are nice too. The churches are very interesting and we have explored many of them.

We can talk about the ocean is very calm, clean and very transparent. We can try in the beach a lot of things like kayak and stand up paddle.

Our suggestion is – if you have any opportunity to come and visit this sight worthy city – just do it!

*Hello, Palermo!(Eng.)

Ricardo Gomes, CEIPES Leonardo project participant