CEIPES is glad to invite you to take part in the International Conference ‘The role of young people in peacebuilding and social change: good practices and future perspectives’ that will be held in Palermo between 20th and 25th of November 2012. We are looking for young and active participants from Council of Europe member countries (to know the countries please check the website of the Council of Europe: www.coe.int), who have already gained at least a basic experience on topic of peacebuilding and human rights education.

Our conference is a response of young’s people increasing interest and motivation in changing the current social and human rights situation in the world. Willingness to change should be always supported by the relevant tools, with which youth may try to fight contemporary problems of societies. They are very often aware of what is happening around them and would like to actively counteract negative actions, however feel helpless and unconfined about which steps may be taken to change it.

During five days we would like to provide participants knowledge by organizing workshops and activities based on non-formal education. With this we try to meet participants needs and expectations, related to the topic of peacebuilding and social change and additionally develop their skills.

Deadline is on the 22 of October!!

If you are interested in taking part in our International Conference, please check all of the necessary information in the Call for participants.

The conference has the financial support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.