stage-implementation-youth-work-projectCEIPES is a partner organization of a new learning project for youth workers, project coordinators and volunteers involved in the implementation stages of a youth project.

The general aim of the project is to increase the knowledge regarding the good quality of the stage of a project implementation and develop key skills in the field,in order to be able to disseminate them in the local community. Thereby, the objectives are to raise the participants’ awareness regarding the IT&C tools to be used in order to implement the stages of a project, and to share new methods in the field of youth projects.

In order to achieve the general aim and objectives, two different activities will be held. First, there will be a training course during which the participants will learn about new working methods in the youth field that could be applicable in the association project implementation.

Moreover, their awareness about the importance of international cooperation and good practice exchange in the youth field will be raised. After that there will be a seminar. During this seminar the participants will complete different online sessions and share their experience in online facilitation. Furthermore, there will be debates regarding youth work as well as IT&C plusses and minuses. Finally, the project will be evaluated.

The training course will be held in Craiova, Romania from 25.10. to 01.11.2014. The seminar will be held in Hatay, Turkey from 10.12. to 15.12.2014. The project will have 7 partners from: Romania, Armenia, Jordan, Georgia, Malta, Italy and Turkey.

The project is financed by the European Union, under the Erasmus+ programme.