Concerts, clowns and circus shows in the heart of Palermo. That’s how I spent the weekend in which was celebrated the Ballarò Buskers Festival in the Sicilian capital. A meeting of street artists to revitalize a neighborhood with not always a good image. However, during those days, its streets were filled with people, music and a festive atmosphere.

As a volunteer in CEIPES, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the organization of the event and thus have another point of view. The first day of the festival, Friday, October 20, I was free, so I decided to enjoy the shows as a simple citizen and, incidentally, see how the InfoPoints in which I should work the next days. That night I was absorbed with the circus number of Gianmarco Amato (spontaneous canine included) and the performances of Patrizia D’Antona and Agenti Mistiki.

The next day I began at 16:00 pm my 4-hour shift at the Casa Professa InfoPoint, where I should inform to the visitors about the program and performances, trying to sell at the same time some shirts with which to finance the festival. The first few hours were quiet, but with the passage of minutes the influx was increasing, as well as our cash box. After a short break for dinner, I went back to work in the Santa Chiara bar to enjoy the Swingrowers concert and Nanirossi juggling, or at least try it while I kept serving drinks all night.

The last day was raining, also over me at the InfoPoint of Piazza Ballarò, but the shows and activities didn’t stop, just as people did not leave: Lucignolo, Aristocraci, Arte Migrante … accompanied every day of the Sambazita parade. Three spectacular days where you can meet people, enjoy incredible shows and know more about a not so public area of ​​the city. An unforgettable experience, without a doubt.