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Call for Partners: Skill Assessment

CEIPES –  YOUR PARTNER IN EUROPE please reply to: Musa KIRKAR, “Skill Assessment:  Job Coaching for people with learning disabilities”  Dear friends,   CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development ( is glad to present its next project  call about Job coaching for people with learning disabilities with the LLP – Grundtvig Learning Partnership Projects.   The deadline for submission of proposal is 21st of February. The deadline for partner’s involvement is 15th of February.   IMPORTANT NOTE: Invited ONLY those organisations which they do not have any ongoing Leonardo Partnership projects   People with learning disabilities encounter some difficulties in their employment process. Our project focuses on sharing knowledge and experience between partners on how to measure the capabilities of people with learning disabilities for employment. There are some national legislation for employment of disables that addresses disability in a broad range. For instance in some countries employers have to guarantee a percentage of employees with disabilities, despite this these legislations the important thing is that to be able to evaluate their skills and recommend an appropriate job or a training program for them. To decide on this matter we must evaluate the skills of people with learning disabilities who wants to be employed. One question arose: How can their skills be evaluated? We want to share knowledge and experience about the assessment techniques in...

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LLP – Leonardo da Vinci – Initial and Continuing Vocational Education and Training (PLM)

Dear friends, please find enclosed a call for partners in the framework of Leonardo da Vinci Mobility projects. We kindly invite you to forward it to other organizations you think might be interested. Thank you since now. CALL FOR PARTNERS CEIPES is developing a new project proposal in the framework of LLP-Leonardo da Vinci-initial and continuing vocational education and training (PLM) – deadline 21 of February 2012 Please answer to the email Deadline to receive expressions of interest is 18 November 2011 Context of the project A lot of change took place in our society’s structure, our children are growing up and are blossoming  inside a multicultural society. We are confronted with an increasingly multi-faceted population. From different culture, religion and ethnic background, the very young children learn to participate actively into the cosmopolite environment. They need to develop the understanding, skills and outlook necessary to ensure that the society becomes truly inclusive. This process can’t be executed without the support of VET Trainers who are the first to set up in the childcare centre a new type of social cohesion. In fact, only they can develop the awareness, insights and skills to implement an inclusive diversity and equality programme with the objective of ensuring all children are protected from discrimination and encouraged to express their diversity. The project’s start from the consideration that it’s necessary to...

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Active Senior Participation in Democratic Process: My View of Democracy

Dear friends, CEIPES is developing a new project proposal in the framework of CALL FOR PROPOSAL UNDER Europe For Citizens and looking for partner organisations to develop project activities. CEIPES is a non-profit international organization active in European fields, with seats in 4 European countries – Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Belgium. CEIPES works at European, International and local level coordinates CEIPES Network from divers municipality of Sicily region, Palermo Provincial Directorate for National Education, secondary schools, University of Palermo; CUD-University Center for the Disabilities, ETHOS Department of the Faculty of Training Sciences of the University of Palermo, IAL CISL...

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Grundtvig Multilateral – Roma Families in the Sexual Education Context

GRUNDTVIG MULTILATERAL PROJECT CALL FOR PARTNERS ROMA FAMILIES IN THE SEXUAL EDUCATION CONTEXT This project in the framework LLP (Lifelong learning Programme) is born based on the need of raising awareness and providing education regarding Gender Roles, Sexual Education, Sexual Orientation within the Roma communities. For more information on Grundtvig Multilateral Projects and the LLP Guide please go to: This will be achieved through a long-term training course which will directly work with the local communities by using non-formal education through encouragement and improvement of the competences of the participants and the introduction of new concepts and learning...

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Call for Grundtvig Assistants

International organisation CEIPES is looking for European Assistants to work in our head office at Palermo In Sicily / Italy within an international contest where we are proposing excellent working and learning atmosphere.  For more information about Grundtvig Assistantship programme please, visit the official web site of the programme. Aim of this programme is gain a better understanding of the adult learning sector in Europe; as well as enhance their knowledge of foreign languages, other European countries and their adult education systems and improve their work-related and intercultural skills. The tasks to which an Assistant may contribute include: Facilitating...

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